10 Benefits of Regularly Attending Reiki student Workshops


Following on from last month’s blog, where I was looking at the importance of ongoing study with Reiki beyond the formal training courses, I thought I would pick up on a point I made about as Reiki teachers are we effectively reinforcing the importance, or the benefits of ongoing study to our own Reiki students? So today I have listed 10 reasons why I believe students of Reiki can benefit from ongoing study with regular attendance at student events, be they in the form of a teaching, workshop or Reiki share format, to support their study of Reiki.

 1.With something like Reiki, you might learn a technique during training, but it is only after putting it into practice a new question comes up for you about it, that you would not have had at your formal training course. With workshops you have regular access to your teacher, to ask any Reiki questions you have, as they arise.

2.With the best will in the world we will not fully retain every nugget of information within a 2 or 3 day training course at the first go. Workshops that focus on a key element of Reiki training, or even repeating the training itself 6mths or a year down the line can be helpful. (With Jikiden Reiki the option to repeat training courses at a fraction of the cost is built into the approach. I myself have taken both training levels 5 times now).

3.Some techniques that are new, at the point of learning at a course you will be getting the framework of the technique, the finer refinement can only be taught once the framework is in place, so will come at a later time. An example being Kekko (circulation method) there is a lot to take in, refinement comes later once we have the technical level sorted. So events such as workshops and especially repeating training Shoden course with help you improve your proficiency and confidence with this and other techniques.

4.You receive Reiju from your teacher at many events (with Jikiden Reiki) helping keep the channel clear for Reiki energy as well as going towards improving your perception in your hands for when giving Reiki, as well as being helpful to you in itself.

5.You have regular opportunities to practice what you have learnt and deliver Reiki treatment to other students, along with coaching helping you refine your skill and perception in your hands.

6.You will receive coaching, helping to build your confidence in what you learnt in the courses.

7.You can receive a Reiki treatment yourself from other Reiki students. Commonly from a group which is great. For many this also provides an opportunity to reach those areas it is hard to get to with self-treatments, such as shoulders back and legs.

8.You can meet other like-minded Reiki students, which is helpful as many practice Reiki in relative isolation, you can discuss with other students your experiences with your practice of Reiki as part of a community.

9.You can pick up nuggets of information and subtle ways to deliver treatments, hand positions from your teacher who has no doubt delivered thousands of professional Reiki treatments.

10.Attendance to regular workshops provides a rhythm to your regular self-care, a commitment to yourself, and your practice of Reiki. It can be a self-value activity, a demonstration that you are dedicated to your study of Reiki. It can support your healing, rejuvenation, it can be a time for you, it can support your personal growth, it could be an activity that is looking after yourself, in the busy world we live and no doubt where we spend a lot of time helping others, or depleting ourselves. An opportunity to re-centre, recover. Not to mention at my events my tea making skills are gaining legionary status now.


I hope you have found these points useful to consider. For those who would like to find out more about upcoming Reiki student events, more details can be found here>

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