5 Ways Reiki Can Help Improve Your Sleep

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Over the years I have helped many people improve sleep, using lifestyle coaching as well as Reiki. I like to take a comprehensive approach to any challenge and look at various approaches however I have observed people I have helped reporting improvements in their sleep when Reiki has been the only approach used. So I thought the benefits of Reiki with regards to sleep would be an interesting topic. In this context it may be helpful to consider the collective effect of all of the individual ways Reiki might help when considering its value in helping improve sleep. So I have highlighted 5 key ways below for you to consider.

I have focused on those things that are more specific to Reiki. For example laying in a quiet room with relaxing music for an hour (as is commonly the environment in which a Reiki treatment is delivered) may promote a restful state but that can be achieved anywhere and is not the unique way in which Reiki helps people with sleep, so I will just class that as a supportive environment and focus on those things that are specific to Reiki:

1. To start with Reiki promotes deep relaxation, commonly during Reiki treatments it’s that place between awake and asleep, a level deeper what would be experienced by traditional relaxation methods and Reiki tends to take people there (so independent of us needing to do or learn or do anything). It’s not uncommon for people to fall asleep during a Reiki treatment. This enhanced state of relaxation can still be experienced beyond the treatment appointment itself. So with the objective of helping with sleep, having Reiki treatments in the evening can work well, to promote good sleep that evening especially.

2. Reiki can also help us experience greater mental clarity, clearing the mental clutter in our minds. Or sometimes highlighting something to us that needs our attention, providing us with an opportunity to make better self care decisions which can help to dissolve or remove a source of our internal conflict and easing the tension of our mind. 

3. Reiki is well known for helping people reduce stress and supporting emotional well-being. The common state of high stress that many of us live with in itself can be a major factor in peoples sleep problems. So Reiki’s stress busting effects can promote a calmer environment mentally and physically, by reducing the volume or intensity of stress a person might be feeling, so could be thought of as a supporting foundation for good sleep.

4. Ki is the non-physical energy that animates all life. The specific frequencies of Reiki, Rei-Ki, is believed to transmute, or dissipates byoki (unhealthy Ki) from both around and within the tissues of any segment of the body, helping to promote balance and reduce tension in an area. As an example with sleep problems it is likely that the head of the person receiving the Reiki treatment will receive a significant degree of attention during the treatment. The pineal gland located in the brain, is of particular interest in the context of sleep, due to this gland’s role in the production of the hormone melatonin, involved in sleep cycle regulation. In addition tension in secondary areas, such as build up of toxins and tension in the upper shoulders and neck will not help you with sleep either, so dissipating that tension can also help as a by-product as well.

5. In Reiki, as it is in Japanese culture the body, heart and mind are one. Reiki by its nature is spiritual energy and in addition to working from an integrative physical/ energetic perspective, it is believed to work more deeply on a mental and spiritual level (Reiki does mean soul energy after all). With ki being the energy of our thoughts, Reiki is also believed to have a positive effect on our thinking. It tends to have a way of migrating us towards greater inner peace by default, bringing us towards balance and peace from within.

Each one of the above points has the potential to positively improve sleep on its own. Taken collectively Reiki can contribute significantly to helping to improve sleep. I would encourage you to also consider that with Reiki you also get benefits that can positively impact other areas of your life in addition to improving sleep. From experience best results with improving sleep come from looking at lifestyle, environment and behaviour in addition to approaches such as Reiki, but Reiki can be very helpful with improving sleep even on its own, so I would invite you to consider its merits should improving sleep be something of interest to you.


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About the author, Shaun Mckeown: could be labeled as a performance strategist, or coach, or a life balance specialist. In essence Shaun is a strategic, creative problem solver, with a holistic view. He has over 15 years professional experience helping people with health, well-being, sport performance, reducing stress and life balance. He has a BSc.(Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Science, as well as experience coaching and teaching in exercise conditioning, holistic lifestyle and nutrition, sport performance and Reiki. So has both science and holistic perspectives. 


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