7 Ways Reiki Can Help You Reduce Stress

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Many people initially look for Reiki with a desire for it to help them to reduce stress. So in this blog I thought it would be useful to Approach this topic in a different format and highlight some of the most common ways I see Reiki helping people every day with stress. Reiki can have a positive effect on reducing a someones excessive stress load in many different ways as it targets the problem from multiple angles at the same time so compounding its positive effect.

Below is seven different ways in which I have found Reiki has helped people in reducing stress, just bear in mind that although these points are individually listed, they commonly have their effect at the same time, rather than in isolation. The interconnection of these points was reinforced when I thought it would be helpful to list a real world experience from different Reiki clients I have helped for each point. Even with taking just one sentence from an overall experience, you can still see many of these 7 points repeated in each persons experience.


1. Relaxation Effect

Reiki Commonly induces a sense of deep relaxation. From an acute perspective, when someone comes into their Reiki treatment in a heightened state after work with their sympathetic nervous system dominant, i.e. stuck in turbo - Reiki will commonly induce a state of balancing the body and mind which promotes a parasympathetic dominance - an acute relaxation response which goes beyond that experienced by common self-relaxation techniques. This can often be seen in physical changes with a Reiki treatment, such as you can feel tension leave, be that a shift from stress breathing (rapid, short, shallow chest breathing), to relaxed diaphragmic breathing (smooth, with expansion from ribs and diaphragm). Shoulder and Jaw relax, or reduced tension in neck and shoulders.

”I felt the benefits of Receiving Reiki form Shaun from the very first treatment. The immediate effect was a deep sense of relaxation, with more lasting effects of improved sleep, more energy and a calmer, more positive outlook."


2.Creating An Internal Environment of Calm

Reiki helps develops an internal environment of Calm. Reiki tends to affect people in a manner that provokes a level of underlying calm that will commonly last hours, or a day or so after the first treatment. This benefit deepens and holds for longer as subsequent treatments are performed progressively becoming the norm or baseline level for many. This commonly is communicated to me as a client having a greater tolerance for stress in general, or previously stressful things don't bother them as much, be that other peoples driving, what people think, or they have a higher threshold before something feels overwhelming to them. 

"After each Reiki treatment with Shaun the relaxation seemed to grow, my sleep improved, I found myself much better able to respond to stressful situations. This reduction in my stress levels has helped reduce my previously daily headaches significantly. I don't understand why Reiki works but I know it has made a difference to me."

3.Balancing Internal Disruption

Reiki works to balance internal disruption (stress) and achieve better balance within the body. From an eastern view of health and well-being, there is the belief that during Reiki treatments on an energetic level chronic load or tension, be that in the shoulders, or an organ can be identified and dissipated with Reiki energy, thereby clearing stagnations in energy flow to organs and the body in general so promoting a healthy functioning body and mind. Reiki by its nature has a strong focus on internal (emotional) stressors such as stored anger, frustration, fear, hurt or guilt which a person may have been carrying around with them and can be stored energetically in the body which, again from an eastern perspective on health, can be very stressful for that person (dis-ease). Reiki provides a release valve for such issues that can have a very powerful positive effect. 

"Reiki has proven to be an amazing, life changing for me, Shaun’s treatments have not only helped with physical symptoms I was experiencing but I have felt a great increase in my focus and physical well being. I definitely have more energy and an increase in my self confidence, self worth and at this time of using Reiki therapy my blood pressure has also lowered. I am getting better with every week that goes by." 

4. A Stress Buffer

Reiki can provide a ‘buffer’to stress. Reiki is believed to be the very energy of life in nature. To receive this energy in a treatment adds to your body's reservoir of life force and life vitality directly during the treatment, which is believed to have a fortifying effect on the body, from an eastern view of health.

"My treatments are always relaxing, calming and hugely energising and I find Reiki helps me in both my personal and professional life. Since starting Reiki treatments with Shaun I feel more positive, can handle demanding situations and stress easily, and make decisions with clarity and confidence. I would definitely recommend Shaun to anyone juggling the demands of a busy life! "


5. Moving You In A Direction Of Greater Internal Peace

Reiki tends to move someone in a direction of greater inner peace. This might come through as improvements in mood, outlook on life, being more patient, more forgiving , worry less etc. This being even stronger in those who learn Reiki and the Full practice of Reiki.

"Receiving Reiki from Shaun has been a wonderful gift. I have seen improvements in my mood, Reiki has helped me become more patient, calmer, happier, less stressed and better able to cope with the demands of my busy life."


6. Improving Sleep

Reiki also can help improve sleep. Sleep deprivation is a big stressor on the body and Reiki can help in this way so reducing the total stress load.

"I have found Reiki to be enormously beneficial to help me relax, both during the treatments themselves as well as day to day afterwards, my sleep is always improved after my Reiki treatments. Reiki has provided balance and increased energy in a busy working life"


7. Greater Clarity & Resolving Internal Conflict

On a deeper level, for many people Reiki treatments induce greater clarity in thought and intuition/inner awareness that can help a person identify deeper causes of internal stress for them. It can also help them more clearly realise what in their life is right for them and what is in conflict with who they are as a person, as well as any deep internal conflict within them which is a cause of stress that can then be addressed. Within some the weight is lifted and peace replaces the pain. With others an action that needs to be taken is highlighted from the wisdom within that can lead someone towards greater fulfilment and happiness in their life.

"jikiden Reiki treatments with Shaun have changed my life in such a positive way. I feel better both physically and psychologically. The powerful Reiki treatments have halped me process past traumatic emotional and physical abuse at such a deep level. The pain and fear was accessed in a non verbal theraputic manner. This has helped my self esteem, trust and relationships, helping me develop a healthier mind, body connection."

 Just broadly viewing the ways in which I have observed the positive effects of Reiki in my own clients helping them in relation to reducing their stress levels, you can see its potential. 

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Stress Coach Shaun Mckeown

About the author, Shaun Mckeown: could be labeled as a performance strategist, or coach, or a life balance specialist. In essence Shaun is a strategic, creative problem solver, with a holistic view. He has over 15 years professional experience helping people with health, well-being, sport performance, reducing stress and life balance. He has a BSc.(Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Science, as well as experience coaching and teaching in exercise conditioning, holistic lifestyle and nutrition, sport performance and Reiki. So has both science and holistic perspectives. 


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