Using Reiki for Grief

Using Reiki for grief in Sutton Coldfield

This article topic is one I have had listed as a future article topic for a while, purely due to the fact that it is something many people I have helped have said it is something Reiki has helped them with and in many cases it has been the main reason they came to Reiki in the first place. I thought it would be timely to write this article now on a personal note, as a few months ago now my Dad passed away after a long illness, so this has been written not just from my observations, but also my experience. I have helped many people experiencing grief over the years, be that loss of pets, parents, siblings and children. In fact just today, the day I planned to write this article someone I have been helping over recent months has informed me of such a loss in their life.

So how can Reiki help people with grief? The most common route to Reiki is with people who are struggling emotionally, having recently experienced a loss who look to try Reiki treatments with the aim of it helping them feel a bit better and cope/ function with all their life responsibilities that continue, such as supporting other family members or children who are struggling, in addition to other commitments such as work etc.

Reiki is well known now for its positive effect and its use in supporting emotional well-being. Our view of grief as Reiki practitioners is more that of something to work through, to process, to come to a point of peace with, rather than an emotional experience to suppress, deny, avoid, or remove. It is viewed as a natural process, part of life. I find grief tends to be more problematic if it is just suppressed or buried for years and not processed effectively. Reiki tends to have a soothing, supporting effect with people at such times. By its nature moving us towards an internal state of greater peace, whilst soothing emotions, helping us let go with love, releasing feelings of sadness, loss, regret, guilt, anger, fear, or any other emotions we might be feeling. Below are a couple of experiences of people I have helped with Reiki treatments experiencing grief, these kinds of results with Reiki are usual to experience:

"I started seeing Shaun for Reiki treatments when my husband was terminally ill. I believe it made me feel calmer and reduced my stress levels whilst looking after him. I have continued to receive Reiki treatments from Shaun since his death and this has helped me to sleep better and deal with the symptoms of bereavement" 

"I have had regular Jikiden Reiki treatments from Shaun for a number of years. They have helped me release grief and emotional issues and enabled me to relax in periods of high anxiety. I credit his treatments with enabling me to continue working when I felt I could no longer do so.”

In addition to receiving Reiki treatments with Reiki energy helping us, which we could class as a more passive experience as we are simply receiving Reiki treatments, as helpful as that can be an additional level of support is available for us as we journey through grief for those who have been trained in Reiki and really ‘live Reiki’ if you like. To start with Reiki training we receive what is called Reiju (in the west sometimes termed attunements) that in conjunction to receiving Reiki treatments and performing regular Reiki self-treatments (as most Reiki trained people do) all go to further help clear congestion in our thinking and keep our connection to source clear, all allowing us to be closer to our true natural state along with greater clarity in thinking as well as greater peace in our hearts, which can be helpful at such times.

In addition if a lot of self-growth and healing work has been done prior to such events, as we come into such life events we tend (generalisation) to be quite clear in thought, calm and reasonably at peace to begin with, which can have a huge effect on our reactions and feelings during such times.

By living Reiki we also have the Gokai, the guiding life principles we live by. In living in such a way, when such events come along Reiki trained people tend to be more practised in letting go of fear, anger, or worry as they are more habitually trained to observe the blessings in life and are living with an active gratitude throughout every day. So by default tend to move through such events in a smoother way. I think of all these points as pumping air into our own ‘life’ raft. The waves of life are not any smaller, but you are able to go with the waves and stay afloat easier. There are guiding principles of life in other cultures and spiritual practices, many have similarities, what I observe is living by such principles can be very helpful at such times. 

What I believe is one of the biggest factors that I have observed in relation to Reiki helping people with grief, is that as Reiki trained people we learn the Japanese view of life. Reiki itself means ‘soul energy’ with the healing taking place at a soul level. Soul, or tamashi in Japanese, is the idea of an eternal part of us that endures beyond a single lifetime, that we live on, the idea that this life is more than a ‘one-off’ gig. This concept in itself is not unique to Reiki, variations on this idea are also seen in other cultures, and many other spiritual practices and regions. Any way you look at it - a personal view or belief that death is not the end, or not so final in itself can be very powerful in finding peace as we journey through these life experiences.

I have heard of many in professions such as nursing where they deal with people going through death of a loved one, or dealing with their own mortality on a regular basis report seeing a more peaceful view than many in such situations with those they might term as ‘spiritual’ in their live view. Specifically with Reiki I have observed people experience grief that come to me for help with Reiki treatments, who I later train in Reiki, who then experience grief again at a later date, yet move through such times differently after Reiki training. There are various ways Reiki might support you through grief, both in receiving Reiki treatments as well as learning Reiki. If you have not tried Reiki, it might be something to consider. To find out more about Reiki treatments click here. For information about Reiki training courses click here.

Shaun Mckeown is a specialist in authentic Japanese Reiki. Delivering Reiki treatments and teaching authentic Japanese Jikiden Reiki. Shaun also works as a Performance Coach, helping people reduce stress, free up time and create a life with better balance. Shaun is a strategic, creative problem solver with 20 years professional experience helping people with health, well-being, sport performance. The last 10 years specialising in Reiki. He has a BSc.(Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Science, as well as experience coaching and teaching in exercise conditioning, holistic lifestyle and nutrition, sport performance as well as Reiki. So has both science and holistic perspectives. 

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