3 Tips To Ensure Your Efforts To Lose Weight Are Not Wasted

Today being the 1st of January, a time for many when we turn our attention to leading healthier lives and taking action towards what we desire, which for many includes a focus on losing weight. This pattern is repeated every year, with many today at the same start point they were this same time last year, having made some progress, to then be back to square one by 1st of Jan the following year. So you are not achieving any lasting success with your weight loss objectives, so any programs, clubs you have purchased have not worked, your money is wasted (or the value you have received is very low) and you are no happier, or healthier.

With part of my work coaching people 1-1 in person and via Skype and with my experience in this very field, I have created a free guide and made it available to those who are looking to lose weight and specifically keep it off.


Over many years specialising primarily with women to help them achieve lasting shape change and weight loss, I have developed an approach that has worked time and time again. I have also observed many women who try to lose weight and may lose weight in the short term, yet are unable to keep the weight off. I have seen this time and time again in gyms, diet clubs, with support groups of various kinds, online, off line, with a personal trainer or without. You see it everywhere and the cycle of weight loss and gain tends to be repeated at least once a year, if not more. There are ways to achieve lasting weight loss results however some key things need to be in place to support that result. The free resource I have created highlights 3 of these essential components that need to be in place, along with an action step for each to get you started.

This resource is primarily speaking to women who are looking to lose weight and keep it off, who want to be slimmer and stay that way. I have tended to help those who have tried various approaches before, who want better lasting results this time. The points in the guide are still relevant for women for who this is their first weight loss outing, they are also relevant to men, just bear in mind my focus in the weight loss field has always been helping women achieve lasting weight loss.

You can access your Free Guide below and if you know anyone else who is interested in losing weight, simply direct them to this page and they can get their own guide too.

Guide only available until 25/01/19!


3 Essential Things Women Who Want To Lose Weight and Keep It Off Need To Do


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