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Why Taking Advantage of Repeating Jikiden Reiki Training at Reduced Course Fees Could Be A Good Idea

In this article I will focus on another option that is available to Jikiden Reiki trained students in addition to monthly Reiju meetings with a workshop element or Reiki shares. That being repeating your formal Reiki training courses: Shoden (beginner level) commonly termed level 1 in non Jikiden Reiki circles, or repeating Okuden (deeper level) or level 2.

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10 Benefits of Regularly Attending Reiki student Workshops

Following on from last month’s blog, where I was looking at the importance of ongoing study with Reiki beyond the formal training courses, I thought I would pick up on a point I made about as Reiki teachers are we effectively reinforcing the importance, or the benefits of ongoing study to our own Reiki students? So today I have listed 10 reasons why I believe students of Reiki can benefit from ongoing study with regular attendance at student events, be they in the form of a teaching, workshop or Reiki share format, to support their study of Reiki.

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The Importance of Viewing Reiki as an Ongoing Practice

So the topic of this month’s blog has come from a conversation I had with a Reiki student who regularly attends the monthly events I hold to support the study and practice of Reiki for the students of Reiki I teach. Their view was that attending the regular events provided superb value and helped them greatly with their study and development with Reiki and they couldn’t understand why every student who has taken Reiki training courses does not attend such events to help their study and practice of Reiki. I had observed this fact also. No suprise as a teacher Reiki, I personally view the ongoing practical practice and support that such events offer as an important component in the study of Reiki. This got me thinking.

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Is Reiki Really Fluffy?

In this month’s blog I want to explore a perception of Reiki that some people have who are looking at Reiki for the first time, in that Reiki is in some way ‘fluffy’, a bit ‘woo woo’ or ‘out there’. As such a perception can hold people back from trying Reiki and therefore benefiting of it in their lives, be that through receiving Reiki treatments, or learning Reiki for themselves. So today I wish to simply explore this perception of Reiki, where it might come from and my thoughts on it.

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10 Benefits of Learning Jikiden Reiki- For Those Already Trained in Reiki

By someone previously trained in Reiki who did!

In today’s blog I present 10 benefits of taking Jikiden Reiki training specifically for those who are already trained in Reiki. So this blog is directly speaking to those who have already taken some kind of formal training in Reiki. The inspiration to write on this topic for this blog came from a great conversation I had last week with someone who was trained in Reiki to level 2 and was considering what was their next step forward was going to be in terms of Reiki courses, they came across my website and Jikiden Reiki for the first time and was intrigued to find out more about it, so she gave me a call and we spoke about it for a while. I have written this blog as a kind of summary of that conversation (and many others like it I have had with those trained in Reiki previously) to highlight why I believe it is so beneficial for someone who is interested in Reiki and already trained in Reiki to take the Jikiden Reiki training courses.

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Viewing Reiki From A Personal Growth Perspective

In helping our understanding of Reiki, I write a series of articles viewing Reiki from differing perspectives, in this article we look at  Reiki from a personal growth perspective. Firstly I wish to explore Reiki from its original intentions in relation to personal growth and then explore the applications of Reiki to support personal growth in today's modern world. In its original form Reiki was intended primarily as a practice of seltf growth, of improvement of body and mind. As termed by Usui sensei himself, the founder of Reiki, who named the Reiki system as: 'Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho', which translated means: Usui Reiki treatment method to improve body and mind.

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