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Reiki for Children

In this article I wish to provide a brief overview of the topic using reiki to help children. I will hold my hands up now and admit my  conclusions, and indeed the whole thing is likely to slide in direction of a positive bias towards the benefits of Reiki for children, as frankly in my view it’s one of those things that is an absolute no brainer. This topic has come about from questions I have received from students learning Reiki and members of the public who were wondering how Reiki might help the children in their life.

So to start with, a question I sometimes get is: ‘Is Reiki safe for children?’ The answer is yes. Children I find are actually very open to Reiki, almost recognising its nature as familiar, especially those younger children, who are at such an age to have had limited exposure to social conditioning and are more in their natural state. Children tend to require shorter treatments. Firstly just due to the fact they are smaller and secondly with children we usually see less time spent in a state of imbalance, had less damaging life experiences (in general), less exposure to chronic stress and toxins compared with adults.

Having seen what Reiki can do, previously helping many adults with Reiki, in particular in relation to emotional well-being, emotional healing as well as reducing stress and anxiety, it was the potential of Reiki and its application to help children that played a big part in my move to specialise in Reiki, with my own interest in child development. The potential of Reiki to profoundly help children in need of healing and support, as part of an integrative approach with other professional fields seemed obvious to me.

In considering the potential benefits of Reiki for children, we can think of its use in the extreme as well as every day well-being and all things in between. I have always seen the greatest potential for Reiki with helping children to be in supporting emotional healing from trauma, be that abuse, neglect, violence, experiences of living in a war zone, or something such as grief, for example the loss of a parent or sibling. Those who have known my work over the years likely know I have worked with adults with severe trauma, with some profound results.

One characteristic with Reiki that I have found to be a great advantage in this application is there is no need to talk about or revisit any experience, Reiki just heals. It moves a person, in this case a child towards a place of greater peace from within, which is a great advantage in some situations. As with approaches such as art therapy with children, emotions can be expressed non verbally through drawing, with Reiki, it just knows- there is nothing that needs to be said. Talking therapies have a place, however Reiki offers specific advantages, or an angle it can support in a different way, for example if a child is to traumatised to speak, or has difficulty in articulating their feelings. What I am suggesting is Reiki could be a very useful tool, within a tool box of other therapeutic approaches.

There are many areas where Reiki can support children in today’s modern world, be that helping them cope with the increasing pressures of academic exams, reducing worry, processing and healing from a bereavement, or any number of life experiences. I have also had experience in using Reiki to support children with challenges they face in connection to conditions such as Autism, as well as improving children’s sleep. Many people have also found Reiki helpful in managing chronic conditions with children (alongside mainstream care). Applications were Reiki is used with adults in hospital settings could also be used with children, such as supporting recovery from surgery, or reducing side effects of medications (in support of mainstream care). As a mother I helped with Reiki treatments as well as taught Jikiden Reiki to help her child recently said: “I have used Jikiden Reiki treatments on my son and have almost eliminated his severe, chronic eczema as well as improved his sleep.”

So to conclude there are many ways Reiki could be helpful to a child, all challenges we help adults with we can help children with too. I hope this brief overview gets you thinking of the potential ways Reiki could help any children in your life. I will dig into specific issues where Reiki could be helpful for children in future articles, this being more an introduction, to get you thinking.

If you would like to find out more about Reiki treatments for a child in your life, or to find out about learning Jikiden Reiki to help a child get in touch and I will be happy to discuss how best to help.

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