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Why Sleep is Vital For Health & Performance

Sleep is vital for human function, health and performance. The aim of this article is to look at the implications of poor sleep to health and performance, to serve to focus your awareness and appreciation of its importance to your day to day performance, being vital in recovery from fatigue as well as your long-term health. A part of my work over many years building people’s health, has involved helping people to improve their sleep.

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What Does Health Mean to You?

I thought for this article I would pose a question to you, that being: ‘What does health mean to you?’. My aim is to provoke a healthy questioning of your beliefs, thinking and habits around the topic of health, so you are clearer as to what it is for you, what importance you place to it and how to better align what you do towards it

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What We Can Learn About Balance and High Performance From Athletes

In this article I wish to build on the article ‘what is Life Balance to you and how does it relate to performance’ and explore a point I made about how athletes approach balance for performance with the aim of seeing what we might learn from this field in relation to life balance, when we are ourselves driven and have big goals. In which I made the point that I view balance over a year cycle, with a sub cycle of balance within the months and weeks as seen with athletes and how they train for peak performance.

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