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If what I do resonates with you and you would like to find out more about working with me in a coaching capacity, or you are interested in other services I offer and would like to have the opportunity where I can set time aside to be fully focused on you, where we can speak, then the next step is to book a Free Initial Consultation call appointment. The initial consultation call is a 1-1 conversation directly with myself, which will last for 30 mins via phone (or Skype call if international). It provides an opportunity for me to better understand what you are looking for and how best to help you and you can find out more about my approach and I can have any questions you have about working with me answered. I will then be in a position to make a recommendation as to the best solution to help you and help you to move forward towards making a decision (be that to work together or not). If it feels like a match for us both, we can then decide to progress forward and work together.

I allocate spaces via a quick application process below, this helps to ensure the appointments are conducted with those who are at a stage of being ready to take action. As I appreciate your time as well as mine is valuable. Simply complete the form below and I will reply via email within a couple of working days with a response and any appointment options. I look forward to speaking to you.


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Some people come to me for help looking to resolve an issue that is concerning them, others are looking for a specific service I provide. It is helpful to understand which. Please indicate which best describes yourself.
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