• Would You Like to Lose Weight and This Time Keep It Off?

  • Would You Like To Get Slimmer and Feel More Toned?

  • Would You Like To Have A Flatter Stomach?


1-1 Lasting Weight Loss Coaching For Women 

 Helping women who want to get slimmer, lose weight and body fat and keep it off for good!  

  • Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?

  • Do you want to be slimmer (and stay slimmer)?

  • Would you like to drop a couple of dress sizes?

  • Do you want to feel better about your body?

  • Would you like to have less body fat?

  • Would you like a flatter stomach?

  • Would you like a more toned body?

  • Would you like more energy and feel less tired?

  • Would you like to be more healthy and reduce your risk factors for ill health? 

  • Would you like to get off this dieting roller coaster for good?

Who is 1-1 Lasting Weight Loss Coaching With Me For?

1-1 lasting weight loss coaching with me is for those who want to lose weight and keep it off. Its for those who want to be slimmer (and stay that way). My specialism within weight loss is helping women achieve lasting weight loss and get slimmer, more toned, achieve a flatter stomach, feel better in themselves and have more energy. Coaching with me suits those who are committed to getting results and are looking for expertise in this field, so more quality orientated. Many I have helped are busy women, with multiple responsibilities, be that in a business, family, work, friends and dependants, we can find a way through. Those I help value their health and well-being and have commonly reached a point that they are serious about this and truly want to do something about it. For most women I help this is not their first attempt at losing weight, however my approach is different, no temporary short lived results here, the value I create is lasting. 1-1 coaching can be conducted in person as well as via skype, so is accessible to those who do not live in the Sutton Coldfield/ Birmingham area.

My Approach

I use the term weight loss, as that is the language those who seek my help commonly use to let me know what they want to achieve, however when we dig into what that means for them and what that looks like, the desired result is more around being slimmer (and staying that way), dropping a couple of dress sizes and feeling better about themselves. The best way to achieve any weight loss that will be lasting and is therefore the focus of my lasting weight loss program for women is to have the weight loss results you achieve as a bi-product of a primary focus of our attention on sustainable fat loss and shape change. This approach needs to be holistic and comprehensive. An integrated approach looking at lifestyle habits, eating habits, nutrition, exercise and activity, digestion, among other areas. Although I have helped men achieve lasting weight loss, my specialism has always been helping women. There are some subtle yet powerful ways to maximise results specifically for women, that I have found to be highly effective over the years.

My focus is on results that you keep. I would not be helping you to show you how to lose weight in a few weeks to only be back here in the same place (or worse) this time next year. I help you achieve lasting results, that are here this year, next year, 10 years time, my focus is on lasting results. I focus on a focus on nutrition and supportive eating choices that you can sustain (no diets here). I will work with you to find a way that works for you, this is not some set method that I just repeat. Your plan will be truly tailored to you and built from the ground up to support you and help you get lasting results.

We first look at where you are now, what you want to achieve and the challenges you are facing, understand where it fits with what is important to you in your life and understand what is going on in your life right now. I look to understand your preferences, likes, dislikes and strengths and weaknesses . I can then create a personal strategic weight loss plan for you, then determine the areas that need work and in what order and to what depth for the best results for you. As this tailored plan of action is forming we begin coaching and provide step by step practical actions  to move you closer to achieving the results you want. 

My Experience & Skills

I have 20 years coaching experience, with a background primarily in areas such as health, weight loss, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle and healing. Many years as a personal trainer specialising in lasting weight loss for women. I have an academic background from a degree BSc.(Hons) in Sport and exercise Science, with various qualifications in areas of lifestyle coaching, holistic health and nutrition. I have strong intuitive and rationale thinking, so again more flexibility in approaches. I have a proven track record of results over the years using my approach for goals that have lots of moving parts, such as in areas of health and well-being, work performance, sports performance and life balance and lasting weight loss.

Professional qualifications and experience aside the biggest asset I have found in my ability to help people achieve their goals is more something that is part of me. One of my natural gifts is being able to view a challenge in a big picture view, hold it there then break down all the 'moving parts' that can influence the results, I see things other can't see,  then in a strategic view prioritise and then apply my second gift of a strong creative problem solving capacity, that I then apply to each part. This unusual combination is made for the task of lasting weight loss, with many things that can influence the results you achieve.

The Next Step

If my approach feels like something that makes sense to you and you would like to find out more, the next step is to book a Free Initial Consultation call with me, were I can gain an understanding what you are looking for, determine how best to help you and from there we can decide if work together is the right course of action. Click on the link below to find out more.

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