1-1 Mentoring for Reiki Professionals

Business mentoring Reiki professionals

Helping new and existing Reiki professionals to set up a business so that it is sustainable, can work for you in what is a crowded marketplace, being able to earn a living in this field, helping more people, without burning out.


Who is 1-1 Professional Mentoring For?

There are 2 groups I help:

  • Mentoring with me is for you if you are about to take (or have already taken) Reiki training courses with the intention to practice professionally with Reiki, be that part time or full time, solely with Reiki, or as one of a variety of therapies within your business, as a solo practitioner.

  • The second group mentoring with me is for is if you have already started practising Reiki professionally and would value guidance to help you navigate the almost predictable challenges any solo Reiki practitioner will face and to help you structure your business model, build the systems and advice you to help you succeed with it, in a way that is sustainable for you.

Overview of Mentoring With Me

What I am doing here with 1-1 mentoring is offering my time, skills, experience and an external view to help you succeed with your Reiki business. I am giving you access to my business systems I have developed over many years as well as, advice from all my years of study and my own considerable investment of both time and money in my business over the years, testing differing approaches and finding these things out. This is for those who see the value in mentoring from someone who has travelled the path you are embarking on.

I offer this service exclusively to my students I train in Jikiden Reiki. So first off I would recommend if you have not trained in Reiki with me, do so. Firstly it helps you see my style of coaching and my thoughts and approach to Reiki treatments. Secondly learning Jikiden Reiki would be something I would recommend to do in any Reiki business anyway, as with Jikiden Reiki you would learn the complete authentic Japanese Usui Reiki training and have a more personalised and measurable treatment process as well as more options for treatments, which will give you better treatment results, which is vital for any successful Reiki business.

The Challenge

Many people find Reiki, are looking for a career change, have an interest in Reiki and would like to help people, so take formal Reiki training courses, set up a professional practice, offer Reiki treatments (with their pricing determined by looking at what everyone else is doing and go for the middle) maybe do some manifestation, or law of attraction type activities, maybe set up a website, do some networking and wait for people to flood to them. In reality it rarely goes like that.

Being a solo self employed professional is commonly a huge personal growth experience in its own right, stretching you out of your comfort zone from so many angles. The field of Reiki also has a few additional ‘quirks’ to navigate that you don’t find in other fields. These challenges are magnified for those who are both new to being a self employed solo practitioner as well as new to professionally delivering Reiki treatments and can create an even steeper learning curve, or workload to sort out. Added to which most people have a limited period of time to make a Reiki business work once they start.

I have used the image that I have at the top of this page to symbolise that you will have to be on top of various moving parts of your business at the same time (in this image 16 areas). Being a good Reiki practitioner is only one strand. A business will not survive with this alone. Indeed the reality is you need to have strong skills in a wide range of areas to make it work, or find ways to bypass the time, effort and financial cost of figuring all this out- which is kind of what I offer.

How I Can Help

  • There are various ways I can help you, firstly I can offer a real world advice from 20 years experience as a self employed solo practitioner, the last 10 years specialising in Reiki. By default to still be here after that duration of time and not burnt out, says something. I can help you see potential pot holes in the road and help you avoid them, along with the additional financial cost, wasted time and energy of being caught out by them.

  • I can help provide a strategic, big picture view to your business, define your vision, bring that to a strategic plan and then to action steps (as that’s how my brain works and is my main super power). In a way that is ethically aligned and is build on your strengths and passions. Building a business that is profitable and sustainable.

  • I can help you with the practical stuff like helping you with topics such as pricing, treatment session formats, packaging and timings, client journey, how to best set goals, performance and financial targets, what to track and what not to track, help you discover the best approaches for you to finding clients, treatment forms, treatment note keeping, financial models for your business, self care for you and sustainability of your business, payment methods, websites, advertising, equipment advice, tricks on how to best use your time etc.

  • I can offer my experience from what I have observed teaching many other Reiki professionals over the years, advice around key topics that can trip many Reiki professionals up, such as; our perception of our own value and self worth and how it can damage our business, help you navigate and untangle to topic of healing and money, dealing with rejection, building your professional confidence, how to build your own self care into your business, how we manage feelings of fear, lack and fears of competition, as well as how to manage variable income patterns. I can help advise you on finding the right balance between investing in yourself and your business. How we function, survive and indeed thrive in what is a field were we are dealing with what is perceived as a commodity (a Reiki treatment). There are also some unique ‘quirks’ in the field of Reiki that you do not find in any other field, that I can help you navigate.

  • I can help guide you to discover what the best ‘next step’ is for you (and equally what is not a direction for you) Key to my approach is that the answer to ‘ what to do’ will be different for each person. What works for one person will be disastrous for another. There is no one solution fits all, so my approach has a framework, however coaching is built around you, where you are in your business, your situation and what you want to achieve.

How It Works

The framework is delivered over half day 1-1 intensive deep dives into your business, with key focus areas of each session. These are role up our selves sessions, we work through topics and challenges specific to you and your stage of business and get to specific recommendations and steps (not just me showing you what I have done). There will also be tasks I will give you to complete for the time in between each session. The main programme is based on four of these sessions. Session spacing is based on your needs and the time frames we are working too , they could be each week- every 3 months. There is a sequential path to building a business that will work for you. My work is tailored and prioritised to your current needs, within the core framework.

My Experience & Skills as a Self Employed Reiki Practitioner

I have been a solo self employed professional for 20 years and I have been specialising as a Reiki practitioner (along side teaching Reiki) for 10 years now. A feat in itself, when we consider how many solo self employed businesses even make it through their first few years. During that time most of my livelihood has come directly from being a solo Reiki practitioner, a one person band. I have experience in a variety of health and well-being fields, having to have adapted to trends, had experience of rebuilding client bases with restarts in new locations as well as changes to professional fields, on multiple occasions.

Much of my natural skill set/ super powers is in adapting and improving systems and approaches to find solutions. Over this time I have been constantly fine tuning what I do within my business (and equally what I stop doing). I have developed and refined my systems, discovered where time and effort needs to be targeted and just as important where it does not.

My Experience and Skills in Mentoring & Coaching

I have a 20 year background in coaching and teaching. Within that much has been helping people grow and develop and I can assure you a path of being a self employed Reiki practitioner will be just that. It is my superpowers that actually make the difference for me as a successful coach and mentor. One of my natural gifts is being able to view a challenge in a big picture view, hold it there then break down all the 'moving parts' that can influence the results, I see things other can't see,  then in a strategic view prioritise and then apply my second gift of a strong creative problem solving capacity, that I then apply to each part, or challenge. This unusual combination is made for this kind of task. My specific personality profile being only 1-2% of the population with this way of thinking/ skill set. I also have strong intuitive and rationale thinking, so can happily flip between concepts and ideas back to the numbers of a business. So my natural place is helping people create a vision, then bring that to a strategic action plan, whilst problem solving on the fly.

“After attending Jikiden Reiki training and workshops with Shaun, I became very excited to hear that Shaun was running mentoring sessions to help Reiki businesses. I had gotten to the point where I had solely set up my website and some of the basics were in place already but I needed to know how to get clients and move forward. After my recent mentoring session with Shaun I was given some really practical advice and tasks to complete, that will really give a good foundation to my business to help it succeed for the long term.

It was great to have an experienced pair of eyes look over what I had done so far, and suggest changes but most importantly the reasons why these changes would make such a big difference! Shaun has helped me to see the bigger picture of what I wanted my business to stand for, and a way to avoid the pitfalls that many other Reiki practitioners fall into, which before I was totally oblivious too! I was given great advice on advertising and I am in no doubt that this will save me from wasting money. I am really excited to see where my business goes as I implement the suggestions given.”- Michelle- Staffordshire

The Next Step

If you need help or my approach and gaining access to my experience and approaches simply makes sense to you and you would like to find out more, the next step is to arrange a free 30 minute, 1-1 initial phone consultation, where we can discuss your business, I can see the best way to help you, explain the process and we can decide if its something we wish to move forward with. To make this initial phone appointment please complete the form below.


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