1-1 Well-being & Performance Coaching 


Helping Busy People Who Feel Stressed And Overwhelmed, To Gain Clarity, Free Up Time, Work Smarter & Reduce Stress, So You Can Thrive In The Busy World We Live.  


I specialise helping busy people who feel stressed and overwhelmed and feel they don't have enough hours in the day. I help you gain greater clarity and a sharper focus on whats most important to you in your life, then develop ways to help you free up time, reduce overwhelm, be more productive, reduce stress, work smarter, all tailored for you and your life. Helping you create a life of greater fulfilment, happiness, greater calmness and inner peace, whilst protecting your health and well-being.

  • Would you like to feel less stressed?

  • Would you like to have more time to focus on what is important to you?

  • Would you like to feel calmer more fulfilled and peaceful?

  • Would you like to feel that you have more energy?

  • Would you like to learn how to make your contribution in the world, whilst protecting your health and well-being?

  • Would you like more clarity in thinking and focus on what really matters to you?

  • Do you feel like you don't have enough hours in the day?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with all the things you 'should' do?

  • Does your pace of life feel unsustainable?

  • Do You feel like you are spinning too many plates in the air?

  • Are you busy and productive, yet feel unfulfilled?

  • Does you life feel a bit off balance with what is really important?

  • Do you feel stressed, tired with low energy and want change?


Who is 1-1 Well-being & Performance Coaching for?

1-1 performance coaching with me is for those who have a lot on their plate, yet know how they are living is unsustainable, who intellectually understand the sense in working smarter and can see the logic in a both a comprehensive approach and a holistic view. Or for those who value their health and well-being and would like an external, objective view to help them. To quote Les Brown; 'You can't see the picture when you are in the frame'. Who prefer, or do not have the time and energy, or desire to study all these areas and concepts and are more looking for solutions. 

I specialise in helping busy people who are feeling overwhelmed be that from a number of years working hard towards a goal, be that in business or life, or simply life has got to the point where there are more commitments on your plate than hours in the day and this prolonged imbalance is starting to show itself and beginning to take its toll on you. This may begin as  be feeling low energy, lack of time, greater fatigue, poor sleep, feeling constant stress, or pressure,  feeling swamped, overwhelmed, or exhausted, or you may be experiencing a deterioration in work performance, or dependent how prolonged and severe your imbalance is even poor health. Point being the trajectory is downhill. Common results people report after working with me include: feeling happier, feel they have more energy, feel more fulfilled, feel more at peace, feeling less stressed, feel more focused, have greater freedom, perform better at work, feel less guilty, have more time to do what they want, feel healthier and have better life balance. If this sounds like something you would like, I would like to help you.


"I had some coaching with Shaun and I highly recommend him. I was stuck in life, I didn't know which way to go, with Shaun's help I am now on track again. What I liked the most was that he truly listened to me and the sessions were tailored to my needs, therefore I could get the most from the coaching sessions. It helped me develop and improve things in my like in a gentle but powerful way. Thank you": Piroska


My Approach

I work with the whole you. We first look at where you are now, what you want to achieve and the challenges you are facing, understand where it fits with what is important to you in your life and understand what is going on in your life right now. I look to understand your preferences, likes, dislikes and strengths and weaknesses . I can then create a personal strategic plan for you, then determine the areas that need work and in what order and to what depth for the best results for you. As this tailored plan of action is forming we begin coaching and provide step by step practical actions  to move you closer to achieving the life you want.  There is various ways this can be done, I am not restricted by using one method, or approach to help you. There can be various areas of focus dependent on what we decide to work on and your areas of need, everything is done with a view of helping you now, with a lasting benefit, no quick temporary fixes here. The value I create is lasting. Although all areas are interconnecting with each over, my focus can be put into two primary categories, to help you get a clear sense of what I do:


Overview Scope of 1-1 Well-being & Performance Coaching


Well-being: Look at you overall ambitions and life at this time, see whats working for you and what is not, establish your total stress load. then create a strategic plan, reducing and better managing stress, as well as building greater stress resilience, create better life balance. We look to put in measures to avoid burning out, developing a self care plan for performance, we might look at improving sleep, as well as how to best manage and protect your energy and reducing fatigue, as well as protecting your health and well-being.


Performance: Looking at getting more focused and smarter with how you use your time (what gets done and what does not). A focus on leadership of your time and activities, protecting your time, improving productivity and workflow management, as well as looking at behaviours and other factors that influence all the above. We gain deeper clarity on what is really important to you and sharpen your focus.  We better understand your natural talents and how to leverage them (as well as identify your non talents), identify your natural rhythms, best ways of working, Temperament and personality, as well as your preferences and needs. What makes you tick? what are your  passions? What energizes you? What strengthens you? What depletes you? All aimed to deeply align all that you do holistically to who you really are and your life in its entirety. 


“Before working with Shaun, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ I thought I needed to do. Shaun helped me to recognise patterns of behaviour that prevented me achieving a balance in my life. It has given me the confidence to make changes and made me appreciate the importance of self care.”- Elaine

My Experience & Skills

I have a background in coaching primarily in areas such as health and well-being, fitness and lifestyle. I have 20 years of coaching experience. I have an academic background from a degree BSc.(Hons) in Sport and exercise Science, with various qualifications in areas of lifestyle coaching, holistic health and nutrition. I help people in the area of personal growth and healing. I am also an authentic Japanese Reiki teacher and practitioner. I have strong intuitive and rationale thinking, so again more flexibility in approaches. I have a proven track record of results over the years using my approach for goals that have lots of moving parts, such as in areas of health and well-being, work performance, sports performance and life balance, lasting weight loss.

Professional qualifications and experience aside the biggest asset I have found in my ability to help people achieve their goals is more something that is part of me. One of my natural gifts is being able to view a challenge in a big picture view, hold it there then break down all the 'moving parts' that can influence the results, I see things other can't see,  then in a strategic view prioritise and then apply my second gift of a strong creative problem solving capacity, that I then apply to each part. This unusual combination is made for this kind of task.


“I found Shaun to always be sincere and have an interest and desire to help. He has high personal standards, vision and focus. The advice and guidance I have received from Shaun has been of great value and helped me grow as a person.”-Samantha

The Next Step

If my approach feels like something that makes sense to you and you would like to find out more, the next step is to apply for a Free Discovery  Call with me personally. Click on the link below to find out more.

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