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I have helped many people using Jikiden Reiki treatments to:

  • Aid relaxation
  • Support and emotional healing
  • Cope better with the demands of daily life
  • Support health and well-being
  • Feel more grounded and balanced in life
  • Feel more peaceful response to traumatic events
  • Support emotional well-being
  • Feel more positive
  • Feel happier in life
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Build resilience to stressful situations
  • Calm a busy mind
  • Progress in personal growth
  • Feel more at peace
  • Gain greater clarity in thought
  • Improve leadership and decision making
  • Feel a greater sense of calm in a busy world

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a Japanese natural therapy, which means 'soul energy'. Reiki in its complete nature is a practice of healing and individual development of both body and mind. The wisdom of Eastern systems of medicine have understood for thousands of years that we live in a world of energy, which flows through all life with the balanced flow of energy within a person being considered to be the foundation of health and well-being. Reiki offers a therapeutic approach channelling this life energy to the recipient. Reiki is believed to work by stimulating the clearance of both stagnation and disruptions to energy flow, as well as supporting the effective function of the body's natural healing mechanisms to promote balance and has historically been used in Japan for a wide range of issues. Reiki is completely safe and commonly encourages a sense of relaxation, emotional well-being, as well as helping people with more challenging issues. I have found that over a course of regular treatments people also tend to migrate towards a place of greater peace within themselves, which can have profoundly positive effects to a person's life. Jikiden Reiki being the way Reiki was originally used in Japan, in its original form.

"Working with Shaun has helped me recover from longstanding fatigue, and heal past emotional trauma. Reiki is not to be under estimated, it can change your life" - Stuart Kane: Birmingham


What Happens during a Reiki treatment?

During a Reiki treatment you lie fully clothed on a therapy bed (or seated). The treatment is conducted in a calm, quiet environment away from distractions where you can really relax. I place my hands to where imbalance is found, and then channel Reiki energy through my hands to you to dissipate areas of tension, emotional load or poor energy flow to restore balance. (Hand placement will be discussed with you prior to the treatment, with any modifications made to ensure a balance between treatment effectiveness and you feeling totally comfortable with the process). Experiences of Reiki can differ, however Reiki is commonly experienced as a gentle flow of energy promoting a deep sense of relaxation. Some feel warmth, others a tingling sensation and some can feel the energy flowing through them - people's perceptions vary. There is much Reiki can offer you, with Reiki being as relevant in supporting you to de-stress in today's complex, busy, time-pressured world as it ever was. Although some people do experience strong results with Reiki therapy from their first treatment, I advise viewing Reiki as a process of healing and promoting balance rather than a one off event, approaching Reiki therapy with the awareness that a course of regular treatments would likely be required, especially for deeper, long held imbalances.

"I first tried Reiki with Shaun to see if it could help me reduce my stress levels and calm my active mind. My sleep has improved and I have also seen reductions in my stress levels. Shaun is a very calm and non judgmental professional. I thoroughly recommend him." - Anne Cholmondeley: Sutton Coldfield


Who I work with

Although Reiki is well known to help aid relaxation, I tend to work with more complex or challenging issues. My area of specialism is in supporting life balance and reducing stress, in addition I have experience with the application of Reiki in supporting healing with emotional trauma. I tend to work with people who are more committed to getting support and value professional expertise. I personally have a wealth of experience delivering Reiki treatments and I am a Reiki teacher in various Reiki styles, of which I specialize in authentic Japanese Jikiden Reiki, indeed many of the Reiki students I have taught Reiki are Reiki professionals themselves. I have an extensive track record of results helping people with various concerns. However if someone is just looking for the cheapest professional they can find, with no real commitment to their own well-being, my approach would not be a fit. 

How I work

The way I work is to first apply for a free Discovery session with me, where we can have a conversation and I can better understand your needs. I offer this as a free consultation from there I will be in a position to advise the best course of action to help you and we can decide if we will work together. I will then develop a personalised structured treatment plan for your needs, with an additional focus on restoring balance and supporting the body's natural cleansing and healing processes. As is the case with any therapy approach best results come from a commitment to a treatment plan from the outset. In addition many people are unaware that Receiving Reiki treatments is only part of what Reiki is; I utilise Reiki in its entirety, bringing all its elements into our treatment plans to best support you and maximise the results you achieve with Reiki. Regular progress reviews and feedback of progress are also built into your treatment plan. I am based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. I am also listed on the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council 'accredited register', which has been approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care in the UK. I am also an accredited Jikiden Reiki teacher with the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan.

The Next Step

If my approach feels like something that makes sense to you and you would like to find out more, the next step is to apply for a Discovery Session appointment with me personally. Click on the link below to find out more.