Reviews for Shaun Mckeown,
Jikiden Reiki Teacher, Practitioner & Coach

Reiki reviews Shaun Mckeown

Manisha Mistry- Sutton Coldfield

“My Reiki treatments with Shaun have been truly amazing. I felt the results after my first session and continued to see benefits throughout the course of treatments. Reiki has helped me greatly with relaxation and sleep. I felt calmer and more grounded in my daily life. It has given me clarity and helped me overcome some long standing obstacles in my life. Shaun is a very understanding and compassionate practitioner who I would highly recommend”.

Samantha Monnington- Sutton Coldfield

I found Shaun to always be sincere and have an interest and desire to help. He has high personal standards, vision and focus. The advice and guidance I have received from receiving coaching with Shaun has been of great value and helped me grow as a person.

I decided to try Reiki on the recommendation of several people, to help with long term chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and poor sleep. Shaun is a supportive and thoughtful, problem solving practitioner, he has made me feel at ease from the first treatment. Reiki has proven to be an amazing, life changing for me, Shaun’s Jikiden Reiki treatments have not only helped with the previously mentioned symptoms but I have felt a great increase in my focus and physical well being. I definitely have more energy and an increase in my self confidence, self worth and at this time of using Reiki therapy my blood pressure has also lowered. I am getting better with every week that goes by. 

I also took both the Shoden and Okuden Jikiden Reiki training courses at the same time, taught by Shaun over three days and found them to be extremely informative and enlightening, it gave me a great sense of self belief and the energy generated throughout the days was very powerful. I found Shaun’s explanations of the history and the techniques of Jikiden Reiki easy to understand, his teaching style is very straight forward. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Jikiden Reiki.  I have found new direction in life and look forward increasing my abilities as a practitioner."

Becca Li: Birmingham

“I went through a very traumatic experience last year and as a result, was left with severe insomnia and other health challenges. Although having trained as a Reiki Practitioner myself, I was very intrigued to find out how Jikiden Reiki differed. After visiting various other Reiki Practitioners, I finally met Shaun, the results were immediate, after the first session I was able to sleep that very same night. Shaun is a very friendly, professional individual with a deep caring and intuitive nature. I would highly recommend Shaun for both his Jikiden Reiki treatments and Jikiden Reiki training courses. Jikiden Reiki contains no western influences, it is Reiki the complete authentic way. Shaun has made an incredible difference to my life, so I decided to train in Shoden and Okuden myself and the results have been highly effective. I cannot thank you enough Shaun. You are an incredible healer, teacher and mentor.”

Joanne: Sutton Coldfield

"Having received Reiki from Shaun for some time and told him about my issues with poor sleep and tiredness, I undertook his sleep coaching programme.  It was a really useful and interesting investigation, and opened my eyes to all the different aspects of life that can influence sleep (spoiler, its almost everything!)  We looked into diet, exercise, blood sugar, sleep routines, bedroom temperature, stress management, and many other things.  Tweaking my routine along the way.  One of the biggest improvements came from a counterintuitive step that I won’t give away.  I found the programme really helpful and have enjoyed better sleep ever since."

"After each Jikiden Reiki treatment with Shaun the relaxation seemed to grow, my sleep improved, I found myself much better able to respond to stressful situations. This reduction in my stress levels has helped reduce my previously daily headaches significantly. I don't understand why Reiki works but I know it has made a difference to me."

Paula Grant: Birmingham

“After a long, arduous search for a Reiki tutor, a series of 'synchronicities’ led me to Shaun. Contacting Shaun was simple and he happily supplied lots of useful informative materials, this enabled me to make an informed decision to learn Jikiden Reiki with him. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and I felt at ease straight away. Shaun is a knowledgeable teacher and is able to simplify the content . Its been amazing and I have had immediate effects."

Michelle Pitt: Sutton Coldfield

“Since visiting Shaun, I have been able to cope with stress much more easily than I used to. Every Jikiden Reiki session is a fantastically relaxing experience. I have also seen an improvement in my heart palpitations. Couldn't recommend Shaun highly enough.”

Julie Chiipperfield-Carr: Birmingham

"I have found Jikiden Reiki treatments and coaching with Shaun very beneficial, something has shifted on a very deep level, some of my treatment sessions with Shaun have been profound and life changing. My days were full of stuff to do and I could barely see the wood through the trees. In a short period of time I have changed my life around. Life seems to be flowing in a calmer direction now. I will continue to have Jikiden Reiki treatments with Shaun as I know there is more to be released.

"I am an experienced Reiki professional who first learnt Reiki over 15 years ago, and have since taken Reiki training to high levels with various styles of Reiki and teachers. I would highly recommend learning the authentic Japanese Jikiden Reiki with Shaun, even if you have already been trained in modern Reiki. It will enhance your knowledge and understanding of original Usui Reiki. For me it answered many questions about Reiki that had come up with other Reiki courses. Both myself and my clients have noticed differences in my Reiki treatments since taking Jikiden Reiki training. I also enjoy meeting other Jikiden Reiki students at the regular Reiki student workshops that Shaun runs for Reiki students."

Joanne Khossa: Wolverhampton

“I attend regular Jikiden Reiki treatments with Shaun and have undertaken the Jikiden Reiki courses to practise Reiki myself which I do at home on myself and my family. The improvement in my quality if life is immeasurable. I suffer with a chronic illness, lupus. Reiki has greatly reduced my pain and fatigue. In addition, treatments on my son have almost eliminated his severe, chronic eczema and improved his sleep. I have also used it on my close family with excellent results surprising a few former sceptics. I would recommend Shaun to anyone with any health and well-being issues.”

Michelle: Stafford

“I have recently completed Shoden and Okuden training with Shaun. After searching the internet to revisit Usui Reiki from 12 years previous I came across Jikiden Reiki. Everything I read about Jikiden led me to decide that this was the path I wanted to follow. I love the fact that it is the original Reiki that Mikao Usui taught, has no western influence added and the lineage is short. I have had the most wonderful 3 days training with Shaun, I found his passion for Jikiden Reiki infectious and have started studying the history and teachings with two books he recommended. Shaun is extremely knowledgeable and he was able to answer the many questions I asked throughout the course. Because of Shaun’s evident patience and care for each students understanding - I felt able to ask any questions as they arose. He delivered the course in a professional but relaxed way, with a dash of his great sense of humour.

After my first Reiju I immediately felt something amazing from my hands which never happened when I received western Usui Reiki ‘attunements’. I am definitely going to be attending many of the monthly Reiki shares Shaun holds and I am looking at becoming a Jikiden Reiki practitioner in the near future. Thanks to Shaun’s teaching, I feel I have a good understanding and knowledge to competently be able to practice the techniques and skills he has taught me. I am also trained in Angelic Reiki and between the two approaches I find Jikiden to be more user friendly & flexible. I am able to give treatments to myself and family more easily which is great when you have young children, such as easily giving Jikiden Reiki treatment whilst talking or watching TV. Thank you Shaun for a wonderful learning experience, and for sharing your knowledge and passion of Jikiden Reiki, I can highly recommend Shaun and Jikiden Reiki to anyone thinking about learning it”.

Shaun has also helped me with mentoring sessions to help my Reiki business. I had gotten to the point where I had solely set up my website and some of the basics were in place already but I needed to know how to get clients and move forward. After my recent mentoring session with Shaun I was given some really practical advice and tasks to complete, that will really give a good foundation to my business to help it succeed for the long term. It was great to have an experienced pair of eyes look over what I had done so far, and suggest changes but most importantly the reasons why these changes would make such a big difference! Shaun has helped me to see the bigger picture of what I wanted my business to stand for, and a way to avoid the pitfalls that many other Reiki practitioners fall into, which before I was totally oblivious too! I was given great advice and I am in no doubt that this will save me from wasting money. I am really excited to see where my business goes as I implement the suggestions given. 

Heidi Scarrott: Birmingham

"I have studied both the Shoden and Okuden Jikiden Reiki courses with Shaun. Learning the traditional Japanese Reiki healing system has been a wonderful experience for my own health and well being, but also for my family and friends whom I regularly do Reiki treatments on. Shaun is an excellent teacher and I would recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn Reiki."

Elaine Foster: Sutton Coldfield

"Before working with Shaun, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ I thought I needed to do.  Coaching with Shaun helped me to recognise patterns of behaviour that prevented me achieving a balance in my life. It has given me the confidence to make changes and made me appreciate the importance of self care.

I felt the benefits of Receiving Reiki form Shaun from the very first treatment. The immediate effect was a deep sense of relaxation, with more lasting effects of improved sleep, more energy and a calmer, more positive outlook."

"Having previously trained in levels 1 and 2 of Usui Reiki, I became interested in learning the traditional Japanese methods. I trained in both Shoden and Okuden levels with Shaun. The courses were informative and enjoyable. I find the practice of Jikdien Reiki to be more straightforward. I feel that I have a better understanding of Reiki and I have also found that the energy in my hands has increased. The student workshops are a great opportunity to receive Reiju and also to give and receive Reiki in a friendly and sociable environment."

I also attend Reiki shares and workshops that Shaun runs, which are a brilliant opportunity to practice and receive Reiki, develop knowledge and understanding, and share experiences with fellow Reiki students.

Sophie Macfarlane: Lichfield

“I have had several Reiki treatments from Shaun and have found them to be really effective in helping me with a range of stress related physical and psychological symptoms. It is an extremely relaxing experience too! Shaun is also a very supportive and welcoming teacher of Jikiden Reiki, his courses are empowering both personally and for any professional working in a related field. I would highly recommend Shaun to anyone seeking to improve their health and wellbeing and/or to learn the healing art of traditional Japanese Reiki.”

Angela Lynch: Birmingham

"I took Jikiden Reiki Shoden (beginner) and Okuden (deeper level) courses together with Shaun. The courses were amazing, How Shaun teaches is very informative and nothing is rushed, he takes his time to explain everything step by step from beginning to end. Jikiden Reiki is now part of my life, I find it gives me peace and I feel free from anxiety. The classes were small and intimate, the treatments were out of this world, I've never experienced anything like this before, a total life changer!"

Anne Farmer: Sutton Coldfield

"I have had regular Jikiden Reiki treatments from Shaun for a number of years. They have helped me release grief and emotional issues and enabled me to relax in periods of high anxiety. I credit his treatments with enabling me to continue working when I felt I could no longer do so. Shaun made me feel relaxed immediately. He has a calm, supportive, practical and thorough approach that inspires confidence. I also took part in his Shoden Jikiden Reiki course and found him to be a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. He continues to take time to evaluate his own practice to ensure he delivers quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending him."

Liz Potter: Walsall

“I have attended 1-1 coaching and Reiki sessions with Shaun, which have proved to be totally invaluable in my period of change. Shaun has a very calm and positive manner, and has an amazing ability of stripping away the irrelevant stuff and focusing on life changing issues. He is assisting me in creating a more confident positive and balanced attitude to my life. Thank you Shaun, a true professional and amazing healer with intuitive life coaching abilities and skills that are outstanding. You are simply the best!”

Steve Clayton: Birmingham

"After much general research into the whole subject of Reiki - there is so much information out there. I eventually found / or was I drawn to Shaun. Through Shaun I discovered Authentic Japanese Jikiden Reki and have subsequently been taught both Shoden and Okuden levels. I was keen to learn, develop and add various healing modalities to compliment my stress management, exercise therapy, counselling and sports massage business, having had a background in senior management, marketing and leisure I knew only too well the effects of stress and a poor work life balance - 'all work and no play etc' and also through my martial arts training I have always had an interest in both the internal and external concepts.

Shaun is an excellent teacher and mentor, he commands much respect and leads by example, he has a clear practical style and approach, he delivers both the Jikiden Reiki courses and his Jikdien Reiki treatments from a wealth of real life experience and always from the heart . Learning and applying Jikiden Reiki has been an amazing journey for me on a personal level, I know I am a better person, certainly more tolerant and laid back, I have made positive changes in my life along with my outlook. Much benefit has also been gained from attending regular Reiki workshops where those trained in Jikiden Reiki are able to share Reiki with each other........ In conclusion I would , without hesitation, recommend to everyone , Shaun and his Jikiden Reiki courses and his highly effective treatments. "

Helen: Birmingham

“I have recently completed the Shoden Jikiden Reiki course with Shaun and found it inspiring. He is an excellent teacher and very informative. The practical on this course was in depth too. I would recommend this to all if you want to find out more about Reiki and its Japanese roots.”

Dorota: Lichfield

“Shaun is a great Teacher and I had a wonderful experience receiving authentic Reiki training from him. The practise sessions he organises are incredibly helpful. I am also happy that at the end of the training I was able to receive a certificate that provides credible qualifications. “

Aditya Tayal: Birmingham

"I found having Jikiden Reiki treatments with Shaun a pleasent and uplifting experience. It really opened my mind to the possibilities of what Reiki can do. Shaun is both understanding as a practitioner and I found him to be knowledgeable and patient as a teacher, delivering the the Jikiden Reiki course with ease and at a level to ensure everyone understands. I'd recommend Jikiden Reiki to anyone. I have noticed the results myself and hope it too will inspire others as I learn about the wonderful benefits of practicing Reiki too. Jikiden Reiki is a beutiful form of natural healing that we have and I belive it will continue to blossom."

Natalie Holdcroft: Tamworth

"I was sceptical about trying Reiki, as I an anylitical and scientific in thinking, however having Reiki with Shaun has helped me to relax and gain focus at a particularly hectic and stressful time in my life. I felt mentally lighter and physically relaxed, yet energised. I now worry less about the hows and why of how it works and just enjoy the relaxation and increased focus I gain from it."

Krystalla Michael: Sutton Coldfield

"Receiving Reiki from Shaun has been a wonderful gift. I have seen improvements in my mood, Reiki has helped me become more patient, calmer, happier, less stressed and better able to cope with the demands of my busy life. Having now learnt Reiki with Shaun I can also share this gift to help my family as well."

Graham Wendes: Coventry

"I wanted to explore more about Reiki from what I had witnessed from this powerful healing art. I was looking for a Reiki practitioner with the undiluted origins of traditional Japanese Reiki. I contacted Shaun who impressed me immediately with his straight forward and completely non 'woo-woo' approach. I happily signed up for a block of Reiki treatments with Shaun. I experienced a number of emotional and physical responses, none of which was expected, I am now instigating the changes in my life that have been on hold".

I was looking to learn original Japanese Reiki and found it. The Jikiden Reiki Shoden course was excellently paced and relaxed. I've met many self-proclaimed "Reiki Masters" I found a mixed bag. I developed a very acute nose for BS, and became more cynic than disciple. Shaun didn't come across as a pretentious spiritual guru, rather as an intelligent thinking man who impressed me immediately with his straightforward approach. I feel very fortunate to have discovered Jikiden Reiki with Shaun." 

Emily Sushana Culley: Burntwood

jikiden Reiki treatments with Shaun have changed my life in such a positive way. I feel better both physically and psychologically. The powerful Jikiden Reiki treatments have helped me process past traumatic emotional and physical abuse at such a deep level. The pain and fear was accessed in a non verbal theraputic manner. This has helped my self esteem, trust and relationships, helping me develop a healthier mind, body connection. I believe Shaun has a natural gift. I strongly recommend a series of Reiki treatments with Shaun for anyone who has experienced traumatic abuse".

“Having had a life changing experience during a series of Jikiden Reiki treatments with Shaun, I enrolled on Jikiden Reiki training courses. Our small group of students were from all walks of life. Shaun made the courses interesting, empowering and fun too. I am already receiving positive feedback since my training. I fully recommend Shaun as an outstanding teacher, who has a calming nature".

Steve Barker: Leicestershire

"I was previously trained in Reiki level 1 and 2. I was intrigued to learn Jikiden Reiki, so I trained with Shaun. I found the training offered a much deeper level of understanding of Reiki. I feel both the perception and energy in my hands has increased following Jikiden Reiki training. I have a greater level of understanding of Reiki, gained new techniques, even the traditional japanese certificate is outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend anyone interested in Reiki take Jikiden Reiki training if you have previously learnt Reiki or not."

I have received many Reiki treatments with Shaun, over several years. I have also attended monthly Reiki workshops. The workshops have been a great place to meet like minded healers and I've made some truly good friends there. The group Reiki sessions are great, they're like a monthly boost. All this has had a great effect on my outlook on life, well being and has had an excellent effect on my general health as well. So I can highly recommended all of Shaun's services. Many thanks

Piroska Fulop: Sutton Coldfield

"I had some coaching with Shaun and I highly recommend him. I was stuck in life, I didn't know which way to go, with Shaun's help I am now on track again. What I liked the most was that he truly listened to me and the sessions were tailored to my needs, therefore I could get the most from the coaching sessions. It helped me develop and improve things in my like in a gentle but powerful way. Thank you"

"Having also had Jikiden Reiki treatments and attended Jikiden Reiki training courses with Shaun, I can say that Shaun's teaching style on his Reiki training courses was excellent. It was very straight forward and easy to follow. He was very helpful, experienced and made sure everything was understood".

Annette Bunn: Sutton Coldfield

"I have found Reiki to be enormously beneficial to help me relax, both during the treatments themselves as well as day to day afterwards, my sleep is always improved after my Reiki treatments. Reiki has provided balance and increased energy in a busy working life and through my first pregnancy. Shaun has taken time to listen to any specific areas of pain or anxiety and the treatments are tailored and focused. Reiki is a key tool for me to maintaining vitality and well-being."

Elizabeth Edgington: Wolverhampton

"I feel grateful for finding Jikiden Reiki, as before the training when I was looking for Reiki courses I was not aware of the differences between what is taught in Jikiden Reiki and other Reiki courses out there. I now feel I have the correct foundation of Reiki knowledge and practice to build upon. Shaun came across as very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Learning Jikiden Reiki has been a delightful experience, thank you Shaun."

Wioletta Kocemba- Sutton Coldfield

“I wanted to learn Reiki to help me to deal with stress and anxieties. At first it was mainly for my own needs having Reiki treatments, but after attending the Reiki Jikiden Shoden training I felt that I could try and support my friends and family. Reiki gives me the peace I was always looking for. It helps me to release stress and anxieties.  Shaun is a fantastic teacher. He is very calm and friendly. The training he provided was very informative. He made it very interesting and fun. Being able to practice during the training was very beneficial and helped with my confidence.” 

Yvonne Barker: Leicestershire

"I have been receiving Jikiden Reiki from Shaun on a regular basis and I find his treatments to be very powerful. My Reiki treatments are helping me heal from long held emotional trauma. In addition to which I feel more relaxed and my sleep has improved. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shaun to anyone, whether an emotional issue, or a problem with sleep or relaxation." 

Nicola: Aldridge

"Having Reiki treatments from Shaun has helped improve my sleep, increase my energy levels, develop my confidence and has helped me reduce the stress I was feeling in my demanding job. I have also taken Jikiden Reiki training with Shaun. Reiki is a powerful healer which has influenced my life in many positive ways and I would advise people to try Reiki, as I believe it could benefit everyone in some way."

Kayla Rees: Sutton Coldfield

"I came to see Shaun with chronic low back pain, during the Reiki treatment he was able to relax my back spasm, I felt a sense of ease and relief. We continued Reiki treatments where Shaun worked on my low back, as well as some emotional trauma I was going through. Reiki has supported me and helped with my emotional well-being. I feel more intuitive and Reiki helps me clarify my thoughts and reduces my stress levels. Shaun always takes my needs into account and he also summarises his findings at each treatment. I have now also learnt Reiki with Shaun so that I can self treat to further support my results."

"Shaun has been a life changing teacher and Healer. He has supported my healing journey for years. He has guided me towards well being and has been instrumental in teaching me how to deal with difficulties. Reiki has become a part of my life. Shaun has taught me self management techniques and I now practice Reiki. Reiki has transformed my life, my physical issues have been dramatically eased and I have a quality life,the effects of Reiki are both mental and emotional comfort that i have access to when I need Shaun's support."

Stuart Kane: Birmingham

"Working with Shaun has helped me recover from longstanding fatigue, and heal past emotional trauma. Reiki is not to be under estimated, it can change your life". I had been receiving Reiki treatments from Shaun for some time so his suggestion of learning Reiki for myself would appear to mean that he was doing himself out of a client, however Shaun's philosophy is to put the client's needs first and empower you to grow personally. The Reiki course exceeded all my expectations. I came away from the course with a very powerful tool kit to help me combat life's ups and downs. I experienced Shauns relaxed teaching style and a positive energy that was infectious."

Emma: Birmingham

"The Reiki course delivery was excellent,  I learnt a lot  and I can't wait to try Reiki on myself, my family and friends. Thank you for introducing me to Reiki."

Eileen Rawson:  Sutton Coldfield

"Shaun has helped me with my shoulder tension which was causing me terrible pains in my neck and head. The Reiki treatments are extremely relaxing and non invasive. Plus I do feel I am sleeping better too. I would highly recommend Shaun."

Sara Johnson: Leicestershire

"I have attended numerous Reiju Kai (Reiju meetings) and Koryu-Kai (Reiki Share meetings) as well as undertaken a repeater in Shoden with Shaun. I have found the sessions invaluable to reinforce my knowledge and understanding of Jikiden Reiki. Shaun offers professional and informative coaching in a relaxed and friendly environment.  It is also great to spend some time with other Jikiden Reiki practitioners and of course to give and receive a group Reiki session - which is just an amazing beautiful experience."

Anne: Sutton Coldfield

"I first tried Reiki with Shaun to see if it could help me reduce my stress levels and calm my active mind. My Reiki sessions are some of the only times my mind switches off. My sleep has improved and I have also seen reductions in my stress levels. Shaun is a very calm and non judgemental professional. I thoroughly recommend him." 

Pippa Cope: Sutton Coldfield

"I had a very traumatic year and felt low and lacking in confidence. I contacted Shaun and immediately found him to be a very accomplished professional who exuded a calm and gentle manner. Every Reiki session is measurable, relaxing and uplifting. Having this time centred on me has lifted me emotionally. I recommend Reiki wholeheartedly. There is no need to be concerned about understanding it. It is an empowering experience leaving you feeling positive, invigorated, peaceful and ready to face everyday life."

Samantha: Lichfield

"Regarding Reiki courses with Shaun, I enjoyed the concise and straight forward approach of Shaun's teaching and I really appreciated the lack of 'Fluff'! It filled me with confidence and put me at ease straight away".

Christine Cottrell: Tamworth

"After hearing about Reiki some years ago I decided to learn Reiki with Shaun and signed up for the shoden (beginners) course. I really enjoyed it and I went on to take the Okuden (deeper level) course. I thoroughly enjoyed both courses and the practical aspects involved and count myself fortunate to have found Shaun as a teacher. Everything to do with the courses was conducted at a comfortable pace with ample opportunity to ask questions as the course progressed."

Mark Brereton: Stoke on Trent

"I thoroughly enjoyed taking Jikiden Reiki training with Shaun. It was fun, friendly and informative. I really enjoyed the Japanese Jikiden Reiki perspective. I look forward to continuing my journey of traditional Japanese Reiki."

Lucy Gorman: Sutton Coldfield

"Like any working mum I have preciuos little time to myself. The time I have for my Reiki treatments are the one time I can completely switch off. Even though my mind is busy when I arrive, by the time I leave I feel that my mind is quieter and my energy has returned. I find my Reiki treatments with Shaun invaluable."

Linda Fellows: Sutton Coldfield

"I find having Reiki with Shaun to be very beneficial for my well-being. It helps me to relax and clears my mind of all the clutter. You leave feeling calmer and more grounded."

Caroline Waterston: Walsall

"Receiving Reiki treatments from Shaun got to the core of my emotional pain and gently began to heal me. Spiritually I have grown and adjusted my life path massively. Reiki very much found me when I most needed it!"

Trevor Cattrell: Tamworth

"My experience of Reiki with Shaun followed a period of severe illness, with complications. I was experiencing side effects from prescribed medications given for the complications, which were effecting me. My appetite was gone and I was losing weight. My wife had taken Reiki training with Shaun and recommended him. I found Shaun to be calming and reassuring. I felt completely relaxed during my initial treatment and subsequent course of Reiki treatments. My appetite and eating improved and returned to normal during our sessions (during the course of treatment my medication regime ended which helped considerably as well). I feel that my Reiki treatments during this time had a positive effect on my health and well-being."

Ruth Curry: Lichfield

"Shaun has really helped my son who has Autism (Aspergers). He is now calmer, less stressed, less frustrated and his concentration and confidence have increased. His sleeping patterns have improved and he is much more himself. As a mum, I couldn't recommend Jikiden Reiki enough."

Annette Palmer: Lichfield

"I've been having regular Reiki treatments with Shaun and I feel the benefit every month that passes. Reiki has helped me have a better, more positive perspective on life, enabling me to instil tranquillity into how I work and my home life, encouraging a calming influence."

Philip Ayres: Walsall

"I attended the Jikiden Reiki Shoden (beginner) Course with Shaun. He delivered the two day course with professionalism and humour. Each step of the way was supportive and made it a joy to learn. There was a great atmosphere as well as a depth of content on an academic side, with a wonderful understanding of Japanese Reiki practice. I was so impressed with Shaun's teaching that I booked straight onto the Okuden (second level) course. This was a one day course, but for me it seemed more intensive as I learned more about Reiki Therapy with deeper techniques. Shaun has an innate desire to help others. Thanks again for being a great teacher"

Emma: Sutton Coldfield

"Shaun has helped me to get my life back on track. My feelings of worry and low mood have greatly improved and I am much less stressed and better able to cope with life's challenges."

Christine Henden: Walsall

"After having Reiki therapy treatments with Shaun, taking Reiki training felt like the next step for me. The training was professional, interesting and well presented. I am already using it on family members, thank you Shaun." 

Mark: Leeds

"I took Reiki training courses with Shaun. He was very knowledgeable, approachable and an extremely good communicator. I would highly recommend Shaun to anyone wishing to learn Reiki."

Anne Edwards: Burntwood

"I started seeing Shaun for Reiki treatments when my husband was terminally ill. I believe it made me feel calmer and reduced my stress levels whilst looking after him. I have continued to receive Reiki treatments from Shaun since his death and this has helped me to sleep better and deal with the symptoms of bereavement" 

Sarah - Hampshire

"I completed the Jikiden Reiki Shoden (beginners) course with Shaun. I previously learnt Reiki and was interested in seeing how different Jikiden Reiki would feel. I really enjoyed the course and came away with a true sense of what Jikiden was all about. I can honestly say that the heat and sensations in my hands were more intense than previously."

Sara Reece: Sutton Coldfield

"I have been astounded by my results having Reiki with Shaun. My sleep quality has improved, I'm less stressed and my mind is quieter. I have focus and clarity in leadership and decision making within my professional life and a new found sense of contentment, peace and wellbeing, which has benefited all areas of my life. I don't understand the 'how's or whys', all I know is that I feel better than I could possibly have imagined."

Glen: Birmingham

I took Reiki training with Shaun, it was a great experience, very professional, very thorough, very attentive, very approachable, overall a wonderful experience."

Louise Kesterton: Sutton Coldfield

"I went to Shaun with low energy, I simply felt 'out of sorts'. After four or five treatments, I feel a lot more balanced and my energy levels have improved dramatically. I seem to be able to recover quicker from things, I think clearer and I am calmer than before my Reiki treatments."

Sandra Gough: Sutton Coldfield

"After having a course of Reiki treatments with Shaun, I felt more relaxed in myself. I feel less stressed and I am able o cope better with day to day things." 

Hardeep Singh: Birmingham

"The Jikiden Reiki courses were insightful, enjoyable and hugely rewarding. Shaun's engaging teaching style is extremely effective and I would recommend the Jikdien Reiki courses to others. Regular Reiki treatments and receiving reiju attunements from Shaun over a two year period has consistently delivered positive results for my health. In addition, Shaun's teaching focus on the importance of applying Reiki principles of living to daily routine has contributed significantly to my personal growth and overall well-being."

Sarah Tyler: Coventry

"I have taken Jikiden Reiki training with Shaun. I have to say with all my heart that I loved it. Jikiden Reiki makes sense to me. I love the principles and history. It has inspired me in so many ways, to the point of being live changing. It's now the way I want to live my life, 'just for today'. Many , many thanks to super teacher Shaun for sharing his knowledge and thank you Tadao Sensei with respect for passing on your Knowledge."

Catherine: Sutton Coldfield

"I'm not entirely sure how it works but I understand the principles, and can certainly feel the positive benefits of my monthly treatments with Shaun. My treatments with Shaun are always relaxing, calming and hugely energising and I find Reiki helps me in both my personal and professional life. Since starting Reiki treatments with Shaun I feel more positive, can handle demanding situations and stress easily, and make decisions with clarity and confidence. I would definitely recommend Shaun to anyone juggling the demands of a busy life."

Nathan: Lichfield

"I received Reiki from Shaun during a very stressful time, after receiving my Reiki treatments I felt relaxed and free from any tension! Thanks Shaun!"

Angelic: Birmingham

"Shaun is a excellent Reiki teacher his expertise and knowledge is outstanding, I have done my level 1,2 in shoden and okuden and now also attending meetings once a month to continually grow my knowledge on jikiden reiki. Shaun gives his time generously to those willing to learn and who have a passion to learn what universal energy is without rush or hesitation. Overall he is a fantastic guy with a great energy."

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