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About Shaun

So a bit about me. I have 20 years professional experience helping people and have an extensive proven track record of results. I have a BSc.(Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Science, as well as various qualifications and experience in coaching and teaching in areas of exercise coaching, holistic lifestyle and nutrition, reducing stress, healing, improving sleep, achieving greater life balance, fitness and performance coaching, sports coaching and teaching martial arts. I am also an experienced Reiki teacher and practitioner, with a track record of results helping many people reduce stress, feel calmer, support emotional well-being, healing and personal growth. I deliver accredited Jikiden Reiki training courses and hold workshops for Reiki students and I am based in Sutton Coldfield. Covering the Birmingham and West Midlands area delivering and teaching authentic Japanese Reiki. I also have experience as an infantry soldier in the British army and a physical training instructor. Key in my experience to date is the range of approaches and perspectives I can call upon, be that science or holistic perspectives for example. I am not limited to just a singular view of the world. 

I could be labeled as a performance strategist. Performance coach, life balance specialist. In essence I'm a creative solution driven person, who views everything in a comprehensive, big picture and holistic way. I am strategic in thinking with strong rational mind. My primary talent in relation to my work helping people is the way I see things, a skill I just have, to be able to view any situation from a big picture view, hold many contributing factors in my mind at once, then untangle, organize, find solutions and manage multiple components at once in a strategic approach to achieve a given result, or solve a problem. This talent is exceptionally valuable when it comes to finding solutions for complex challenges with many influencing factors, or moving parts. Added to which is my second major talent of strong creative problem solving, I just can't help finding creative solutions. Both these natural talents combined makes an unusual and  powerful combination, in addition to the range of skills and perspectives i can approach a challenge supports greater results.

I am a calm positive person with a drive. I'm very creative, with both strong intuitive skills as well as rationale thinking. Performance and personal growth have always been passions of mine. For those interested in personality profiling, with Keirsey (Myers Briggs system) I am an INTJ (mastermind), part of that 1% of people, characterized as the expert thinkers and strategists, the planners and goal orientated problem solvers, with exceptional ability to see connections within complex systems. With Wealth Dynamics profiling I am a Creator, which is categorized as visionary, creative and big picture thinking.

Making an impact, contribution and the protection of the environment are key topics of interest to me along with children's protection and development. I enjoy time with my family and have always been keen on sports performance and fitness. As a competitive middle distance runner as a kid & teenager, then moving into martial arts competitions, and gym training, more recently I can be found out on my road bike, in the pursuit of the speed of sound.