Helping Busy People Who Feel Stressed And Overwhelmed, To Gain Clarity, Free Up Time, Work Smarter & Reduce Stress,
So You Can Thrive In The Busy World We Live.  


I specialise helping busy people who feel stressed and overwhelmed and feel they don't have enough hours in the day. I help you gain greater clarity and a sharper focus on whats most important to you in your life, then develop ways to help you free up time, reduce overwhelm, reduce stress, work smarter, be more productive and recover from your efforts so you don't burnout, all tailored for you and your life. Creating a life of greater fulfillment, happiness, greater calmness and inner peace, whilst protecting your health and well-being.


"Working with Shaun has been profound and life changing, something has shifted on a very deep level. My days were full of stuff to do and I could barely see the wood through the trees. In a short period of time I have changed my life around. Life seems to be flowing in a calmer direction now."- Julie: Birmingham


I have helped people:

  • Aid relaxation

  • Support and emotional healing

  • Cope better with the demands of daily life

  • Support health and well-being

  • Feel more grounded and balanced in life

  • Experience more peace after traumatic events

  • Support emotional well-being

  • Feel more positive

  • Feel more happier in life

  • Better use time for whats important to them

  • Better manage their time and energy

  • Learn how to reduce the stress in their lives

  • Help get focused and de-clutter  their life

  • Reduce feelings of overwhelm

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Build resilience to stressful situations

  • Calm a busy mind

  • Progress in personal growth

  • Feel more at peace

  • Gain greater clarity in thought

  • Improve leadership and decision making

  • Feel a greater sense of calm in a busy world

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety

  • Be more productive 

  • Protect their time and energy

  • Recover from intensive periods of work

  • Protect their health and well-being

"Before working with Shaun, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ I thought I needed to do. Shaun helped me to recognise patterns of behaviour that prevented me achieving a balance in my life. It has given me the confidence to make changes and made me appreciate the importance of self care."- Elaine: Sutton Coldfield


"Working with Shaun has helped me recover from longstanding fatigue, and heal past emotional trauma. It can change your life".- Stuart: Birmingham


"Working with Shaun I have seen improvements in my mood, become more patient, calmer, happier, less stressed and better able to cope with the demands of my busy life. "- Krystalla: Sutton Coldfield



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Individual Services Offered

Sometimes people find me and are looking for a specific field, or service that is a part of my overall approach. Below are the individual services within my overall approach for those specifically looking for a specific part of what I do:


Performance Coaching

1-1 Performance Coaching is available with Shaun Mckeown. Performance coaching is a comprehensive and holistic approach big picture strategic view and plan, tailored to each person's needs. Focusing in on what is important to you and engineering your lifestyle to support those things, whilst protecting your health and well-being. This service is commonly delivered via Skype, so is accessible to those further a field of Birmingham, UK.
For more details visit the: Performance Coaching page.


Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatments available with Shaun Mckeown in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. Shaun is an experienced Reiki teacher and practitioner with a track record of results helping many people over the years with a wide range of challenges, including stress, emotional well-being, healing, and emotional trauma.
For more details visit the: Reiki treatment page


Jikiden Reiki Courses

Accredited Authentic Japanese Jikiden Reiki training courses available in the Birmingham area. Jikiden Reiki courses held in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. all training is accredited by the Jikiden Reiki Institute, kyoto, Japan. Shaun Mckeown is a leading Jikiden Reiki Shihan (teacher) in the Birmingham area.
 For more details visit the: Jikiden Reiki Courses page.


Jikiden Reiki Events 

Jikiden Reiki events are for those trained in Authentic Japanese Jikiden Reiki. These Regular events offer ongoing support, coaching and practice and are held each month in Sutton Coldfield, for Jikiden Reiki students in the Birmingham and Midlands Area. Held with Shihan (full teacher) Shaun Mckeown.
For more details visit the:  Jikiden Reiki events page.


"I was stuck in life, I didn't know which way to go, with Shaun's help I am now on track again. What I liked the most was that he truly listened to me and the sessions were tailored to my needs. It helped me develop and improve things in my life in a gentle but powerful way. I highly recommend him. Thank you". Piroska: Sutton Coldfield

An Introduction To Shaun Mckeown And The Approach

Hi, I'm Shaun Mckeown, My field of expertise is in the area of well-being and performance. I specialize in helping busy people who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, be that from a number of years working hard , be that in business or life, or simply life has got to the point where there are more commitments on your plate than hours in the day and this prolonged imbalance is starting to take its toll on you.

This may begin as feelings of one or a combination of; low energy, greater fatigue, poor sleep, feeling constant stress, or pressure,  feeling swamped, or run down, overwhelmed, or exhausted, or you may be experiencing a deterioration in work performance. Dependent where you are on this downward spiral and how severe and prolonged this imbalance you may even be experiencing poor health at this time.  

I help you to strategically develop a framework along with real world practical solutions to be able to regain feelings of high energy  to pursue your ambitions in work and life and recover from that effort and offset a trajectory towards depletion and possible burn out. I help you raise your level of performance, with sustainability and protection of your health and well-being at the forefront. So you can achieve great things, be that in business, sport, a specific goal, or a personal mission in life.

I could be labeled as a performance strategist. Performance coach, life balance specialist. I see challenges with a big picture, comprehensive and holistic view. I am strategic in thinking with strong rational mind. I have a proven track record in various areas in building health, healing, well-being and sport performance. Key to my approach is that I look at the whole situation, not just one area and my approach is both holistic and peak performance based in equal measure, which means better results. I have a background in Sport and Exercise Science as well as Holistic fields. My Primary areas of focus can be categorized in two main areas: Performance and well-being. I am based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, where I conduct some of my work as a Reiki teacher and practitioner. My 1-1 performance coaching work tends to be conducted via Skype, so is a means of me helping people who are further a field.

Common results people report after working with me include: feeling happier, feel they have more energy, feel more fulfilled, feel more at peace, feeling less stressed, feel more focused, more relaxation, have greater freedom, perform better at work, feel less guilty, have more time to do what they want, feel healthier and have better life balance. If this sounds like something you would like, I would like to help you.



To find out how I could help you book a Free Discovery Call  


"After working with Shaun with both coaching and Reiki treatments my sleep has improved, I found myself much better able to respond to stressful situations. This reduction in my stress levels has helped reduce my previously daily headaches significantly."- Joanne :Sutton Coldfield

Upcoming Events


Event: Jikiden Reiki- Reiju & Reiki Development Workshop
When: Saturday 21st July 2018 (10am-1pm)
Where: Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
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"I have been astounded by my results with Shaun. My sleep quality has improved, I'm less stressed and my mind is quieter. I have focus and clarity in leadership and decision making within my professional life and a new found sense of contentment, peace and well-being, which has benefited all areas of my life. I feel better than I could possibly have imagined."- Sara: Sutton Coldfield




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"Shaun has helped improve my sleep, increase my energy levels, develop my confidence and has helped me reduce the stress I was feeling in my demanding job. I have also taken Jikiden Reiki training with Shaun, this powerful healing energy has influenced my life in many positive ways and I would advise people to try Reiki, as I believe it could benefit everyone in some way."- Nicola: Aldridge